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When a partnership works, achieving the impossible looks easy.

Estuarine  Robotics

C-2i has developed a family of amphibious and autonomous systems that operate in surf, rivers, and marshes.   Systems include the Sea Otter, Sea Ox, Mudskipper, and Drifter.  The  Crawlers’ all-weather, high sea-state capability and shore-side self-deployment and recovery opens the window for persistent, long-duration, high-fidelity sampling and mapping.  C-2i develops specialty samplers, coring and soil systems while accommodating multiple user-supplied instrumentation. 

It's the next step in close-in measurement, sampling and mapping.  Know your environment instead of assuming it.


C-2i develops custom hard-kill defeat solutions.   Closed form ballistic deployment of hybrid nets permits long range, multiple and escalating defeat mechanics including entanglement, energetics, blinding, and 3-d forms among others.  Our solutions have been deployed from 37mm rounds through 600-lb bombs.   


We specialize in the appropriate application of energetics to achieve the desired effects through design flexibility and modularity.  Examples include the Bandolier, a lightweight pre-packaged clearing charge that has mitigated over 100 different target types.  Tunable effects grenades and munitions have been used to achieve unique low-collateral effects. A unique modular design allows it to be light enough for dismounted operations while still remaining versatile enough to meet almost any mission requirement.

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