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Mr. Arnis Mangolds, President

Mr. Mangolds provides 35 years of US Gov't and Civil program development with a record for technology transition leadership.  C-2i specializes in areas including; product development; low-volume production, business development consulting, contract R&D . He is the PI on the counter-drone  CULOPS  system as well as the Sea Ox, Sea Otter, Drifter, Tunable Effects Munition and tunable effects grenade and Straight Jacket programs.  He designed and developed the Bandolier modular line charge  transitioning it to a successful commercial product.  

As Group Director and Vice President at Foster-Miller, Mr. Mangolds was responsible for identifying new technologies with promise for military/commercial transition.  Examples include; the non-lethal Webshot, Sting Net, and the APLA Bounding munition round; passive RPG defense systems (Exonet); non-lethal anti-material systems (Boat trap, Twin (aircraft), Straight jacket (armored vehicles), Silver Shroud (tanks)); weaponized robots (SWORDS) and undersea countermine and reconnaissance systems (Thunder-Road and Lemmings.  The Talon and RPG net technologies have resulted in over a billion dollars in sales.   


Mr. Mangolds has a BS in Geology from Rutgers University, a MS in Mining Engineering from Penn State University.  He holds several patents in nets, decoys, line charges and breaching tools, logistics and robotics.

Mr. Mike Farinella, Principal Investigator​

Mr. Farinella has 20 years of experience as a Principal Investigator on US Govt R&D programs.  Mr. Farinella is responsible for new technology development and engineering operations.   As PI and team lead at QinetiQ North America, Mr. Farinella has successfully transitioned several Phase I proof of concept programs into Phase II & III technology demonstration programs.    At C-2i he has been responsible for the PEGS logistics system,  Harvester Robotic system, Counter-drone nets and Sea Otter operations.    

As a Senior Engineer for Foster-Miller, Mr. Farinella ran engineering operations for dozens of field intensive programs that were driven to user in the loop demonstration in rapid program time frames.  Examples include; Webshot (commercial non-lethal), Exonet (US Missile Command), Boat Trap (USCG & DEA drug interdiction), and Thunder Road (USN countermine).

Mr. Farinella has a MS in Applied Mathematics from Brown University and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University.  He holds three patents with three additional pending.  He's a member of ASME, Association of US Army, and is Explosives Certified for R&D operations.


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